Managed WiFi

What exactly is Managed WiFi? Managed WiFi is an outsourcing managed wireless network which enables customers, residents, or visitors to connect directly to the Internet through a number of accessible access points around a large building, ensuring seamless property-wide connectivity. Managed WiFi is ideal for properties such as hospitals, educational institutions, and public libraries that already have access to the traditional wired network but for whom it would be impractical to afford dedicated wired lines or routers. In addition, manged WiFi offers several key advantages over traditional WAN, and the leading provider of managed WiFi solutions in the US (as identified in a recent report by Forrester Research) is IBM.

The primary advantage of having a cloud-based managed WiFi solution is cost reduction and management. The vendors who offer this service typically have large data centers with redundant power sources, redundant wiring, and redundant cabling. These providers also regularly engage in maintenance which constantly keeps their client’s data centers running smoothly. Furthermore, in some cases when multiple access points are combined with WAN optimization, each individual access point can offer reliable, speedy Internet connectivity for tenants.

Managed WiFi providers offer two primary services to customers.

The first is hardware-based WAN optimization. The second is software-based WAN optimization, which allow the data centers to handle security concerns as they are scaled up and down. Both services work together to ensure that multiple users can connect seamlessly to the internet without any degradation in service.

The primary advantage of Managed WiFi over other forms of managed wireless networks is that Managed WiFi providers offer a more economical form of connectivity than normal private WAN solutions. Many Managed WiFi providers use on-demand or instant WAN connections. This allows them to charge customers only for the bandwidth that they use while at the same time providing the fastest connection speeds available. Most Managed WiFi providers operate on their own managed networks. This ensures that customers are not subject to overage charges from overuse of their service.

Another advantage offered by Managed WiFi service providers is that they are able to provide mobile devices with an easier means of accessing the internet through their wifi management. In recent years, the advent of smart phones and tablets has created a new way for users to access the internet through their portable devices. With the availability of downloadable apps for these devices, consumers can now keep their laptops and mobile devices connected to the internet at all times. Network monitoring software offered by a managed WiFi service provider can help manage and track all of a user’s wireless networks, which can be very beneficial in the event of a network outage or computer crash.

As a user, you can benefit greatly from using a Managed WiFi provider.

These services can make sure that you are connected to a reliable on-site network no matter where you go. Some of these services can even help with business travel since they provide on-site access to a corporate LAN network. This makes it possible for employees to access the internet without having to worry about poor wireless internet connectivity.

Managed WiFi solutions can help your business run smoothly by giving you an easy way of managing all of your electronic data. If you have an enterprise network, you may find that your employees are spending more time waiting for an available hotspot than actually working on projects. This can affect productivity, which leads to employee burnout and a loss of customer confidence. A managed wifi solution can eliminate the problem by ensuring that you always have an open access point and that you always have wireless internet access available no matter where your employees are located.

  • It is important that you choose a managed WiFi solution from a provider that can offer you hardware and software solutions that will work together for your convenience.
  • By choosing a company that can handle your entire network from your offices, you can eliminate the hassle of managing the connection yourself.
  • By doing this, you can enjoy a hassle-free connection while saving money on your monthly bill.